Application Software Support Services

Application License Support

Application License Support is provided as standard service for all licensed application software. It is mandatory and provides the customers with:

This service includes the following IT infrastructure elements:

  • Access to single point of contact through ITS-USD (Unified Service Desk)
  • Remote Access Server and Telephone Support
  • Notification of software updates and patches
  • Bug fixes notification
  • Release updates (media  delivery)
  • Online/Telephone coverage during ITS regular business hours
  • Response - according to problem criticality

Application Support Services Packages

ITS Customers have the option to enhance the level of services available through the standard Application License Support by upgrading to one of three service packages.

Common to all ITS service plans; ITSAppsSilver, ITSAppsGold, or ITSAppsPlatinum, the plan includes RAS & Telephone support, access to online services through https://remedy.its.ws, and On-site services.  To ensure that customers’ problems and issues are dealt with in the most efficient and effective way, there is an escalation path built into every ITS service plan.

ITSAppsSilver is provided free of charge during the standard warranty period. To qualify for this value added service, customers will have to sign the ITSAppsSilver agreement with the Application License Support.


  • Same features as Application License Support, PLUS
  • Diagnosis and Resolution utilizing ITS USD Remote Access Services (ITS-RAS)
  • On-site problem diagnosis and resolution by ITS CS & PS Specialists
  • Services coverage 5 days a week 8 hours a day (Sun-Thu 08:00 -16:00)
  • Response – up to one business day
  • Escalation path to ensure problem resolution
  • Remote log-in



  • Same features as ITSAppsSilver, PLUS
  • Priority call status
  • Services coverage 5 days a week 8 hours a day during ITS regional business hours plus 20 extra hours customizable at the contract initiation
  • 4 hours Response



  • Same features as ITSAppsGold, PLUS
  • Services Coverage 7x 24x365
  • 2 hours response for P1 calls
  • Assisting with Patch installation