IT infrastructure Support Services

This service is focused on managing the IT Infrastructure and ensuring the highest levels of availability for the business applications to function without interruption. Service options are customized to include different infrastructure elements and levels of availability required.

This service includes the following IT infrastructure elements:

  • Hardware Platforms & System Software
  • Database Software
  • Network & Enterprise Security

Installation and Start-up Services

ITS provide customers with site survey, installation and implementation assistance, planning, installation, custom configuration of hardware and software, and hands-on startup assistance.



Support Services Packages


During the standard warranty period, customers have the option to enhance the OEM warranty by upgrading to one of four service packages offered by ITS to meet the desired levels of availability.

Whether service are needed by phone or on-site, whether technical incidents are anticipated or wait until they happen, ITS have the service option that keeps systems working to the customer’s expectations.

Common to all ITS service offerings; ITSBronze, ITSSilver, ITSGold, or ITSPlatinum, the offerings includes telephone support and access to Https://remedy.its.ws (A web based 24 x 7 service for reporting incidents and follow-up).  Customers receive updates and notification of upgrades for firmware, software patches and bug fixes. They also receive maintenance releases and engineering changes for their systems, with replacement parts as needed.  Service problems are also diagnosed remotely to help pinpoint problems and get the system up and running more quickly. To ensure that customers’ problems and issues are dealt with in the most efficient and effective way, there is an escalation path built into every ITS service offering.


This program is designed for organizations that have a high degree of in-house technical expertise. It is aimed at work-group servers and desktop based hardware and software products and solutions. It provides an efficient approach to the resolution of any hardware or software problem by providing access to ITS technical support resources through the ITS Unified Service Desk - USD or a secure service portal.

If customers need phone or e-mail access to technical support specialists during ITS normal business hours, then they can choose the ITSBronze service which include the following: 

  • Standard OEM warranty
  • Single point of contact through ITS Unified Service Desk - USD
  • Access to Https://remedy.its.ws for reporting incidents
  • Service delivery System support through Remote Access Service or by Telephone
  • Coverage during ITS regional regular business hours
  • Initial Response – according to Incident criticality
  • Escalation path to ensure Incident resolution
  • Replacements of parts through supplier depot only
  • Notification of software updates and patches
  • Bug fixes Notification
  • Release updates Notification
  • Where possible, updates to firmware and licensed software, including new features and functions where available from the developer


This program is designed for customers requiring comprehensive system support. This is a complete systems support service, based on the standard business day, with both telephone support and on-site services fulfillment.  Customers will receive the following services:  

  • Same features as ITS Bronze, PLUS
  • Diagnosis and Resolution utilizing ITS USD Remote Access Services
  • On-site Services fulfillment
  • Replacement of parts through supplier depot and/or complimented with ITS spare management as per Supplier recommended spare part kits
  • When required, On-site problem diagnosis and resolution
  • Services coverage 5 days a week 8 hours a day (ITS regional business hours)
  • Up to One Business Day Initial Response
  • Semi-annual (2 times per year) preventive maintenance - health check as per Vendor/ITS recommended predefined check-list


A complete package of proactive services designed specifically for customers who want to achieve and maintain high availability on their strategic business systems service package include: 

  • Same features as ITS Silver, PLUS
  • Priority call status
  • Quarterly (4 times per year) Preventive Maintenance - health check as per Vendor/ITS recommended predefined check-list
  • Services coverage 5 days a week 8 hours a day during ITS regional business hours plus 20 extra hours customizable at the contract initiation
  • 4 Hours Initial Response



For complex, mission critical environments that cannot afford disruptions, ITSPlatinum program focuses on failure prevention, rapid recovery and technical services offerings.  It provides support 7 days a week, 24 hours a day with priority access to the ITS Unified Service Desk - USD including the following:

  • Same feature as ITS Gold, PLUS
  • Services Coverage 7x 24x365
  • 2 hours Initial Response for P1 calls
  • Monthly (12 times per year) preventive maintenance - health check as per Vendor/ITS recommended predefined check-list
  • Assigned IT infrastructure Services Account Manager – SAM (conditional)
  • Annual Support plan (conditional)