Sherif El Shafie

Acting CEO

CEO Photo

Our Acting CEO Mr. Sherif El Shafie has over 3 decades of experience in the Information Technology sector, specially in the Banking, Telecommunication and Retail industries. He spent over 22 years working with multi-national industry leaders like AT&T, NCR and Teradata.

In 2012, Mr. El Shafie left NCR corporation when he was the VP/Managing director for the gulf region in the Middle East and immigrated to Canada to start his entrepreneurial career and opened his own consulting and investment practice advising investors in technology and real-estate.

Sherif was a non-executive board member in ITS between 2015 and 2019 contributing to several strategic initiatives. He joined ITS as Deputy CEO in September 2022, and in November 2022 was appointed as Acting CEO of ITS.

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