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 Partners not Replacements 
Generally, the service consumption, complement the customer operations rather than replacing internal departments as recent researchers indicates very few of the customer companies get rid of internal staffs because of joining up a service provider. Instead, notably in larger companies, adding external services to the mix frees up existing valuable resources to focus on more strategic engagements, like a cloud initiative or a custom app development, in a win-win situation. Cost savings, the previously seen as the primary benefit of Service Providers, now are considered the base benefit and customers are looking for additional benefits like efficiency, continuous improvement, reliable cascading of business objectives and even security.​

Bimodal is the practice of managing two separate but coherent styles of work: one focused on predictability and repetitive (standard) work tasks; the other on exploration, creativity, and innovation. ​

Mode 1: is exploratory, experimenting to solve new problems and optimized for areas of uncertainty with steady steps and new results. Both modes are essential to create substantial value and drive significant organizational change, both play an essential role in the digital transformation. 
 Mode 2: is optimized for areas that are more predictable and well-understood with fast interactions and standard responses. It focuses on exploiting what is known, while renewing the legacy environment into a fit for a digital world. Modern enterprises must handle every mode as quite effective as the other one in order to be able to successfully deliver the value of technology services. Here in ITS, we understand both modes and offer exclusive services designed especially to leverage your capabilities and help you overcome challenges in both directions. We offer managed and support services to allow you depend on a steady trusted partner with well-defined methodology and accumulated know how – no surprises! Even with a predictable charging model. On the other hand, for professional, consultation, and datacenter services we can always support your fast paced turnaround objectives of assessments, know-how, knowledge transfer and technology implementations and integrations.
Our Services
Large and medium scale corporations such like Banks, Financial institutions, Telecom Operators, Universities, Educational Institutions and Governmental Organizations are investing more and more in new applications and technology assets in order to improve business operations and respond to rapidly changing market conditions. International Turnkey Systems (ITS), we understand that your business relies on IT services and technology solutions not only to support this growing array of technology assets and operational demands but also to meet IT challenges specific to your business functionality requirements.
We appreciate the importance of technology-oriented services to create value for every aspect of your business. Let us help you gain a competitive edge with our secure, reliable, award winning ITO services. From Infrastructure and Security services, to incident management, break-n-fix support services our diverse services will enhance your business and technology capabilities and ensure that your customers receive the best value they deserve.
ITS GDC Operation Services offers differentiated service products that enable IT operations to meet the challenges of businesses demands and functional requirements with our world-class expertise, innovation and dedication. Our award-winning ITO services go beyond traditional offerings by technology providers, to include:

Consultancy and Professional Services: When a knowledge advisor or a skilled is needed
Support Services: To Provide a consolidated baseline guarantee over the array of your technology Products and assets.
Managed Services: The most mature model for highest demanding environments to match business needs and operational functionality requirements,
Datacenter Services: A premium package of service management know-how for your IT backbone – focused at private and hybrid-enabled datacenters,


State-of-the-art service management, managed services and technology support consolidation. The carefully selected location at Cairo, Egypt, at the heart of Middle East and North Africa area adds the advantages of regional cultural proximity, competitive and resources-rich market. Moreover, Egypt has a large base of skilled professionals with formal certifications and proven experience in conjunction with excellent command of Arabic and English languages.

Exponentially increasing market demand for qualified resources, service management methodologies, technical expertise and operational excellence have forced major corporations to have, at least, one service sourcing partner – especially with regional operational drivers’ awareness. Additional executive management pressure for alignment with core functionality and cost / capacity optimizations, are yet another important factors calling for a trusted service provider rather than just pure technology providers or technology providers with minimal service offerings.

Using ISO standards and adopting a set of technology management frameworks for ITSM, ISM, TQM, Project and Risk Management, Governance and Business Alignment utilizing world class methodologies (CMMI, COBIT, ITILv3, 6-Sigma, PMI, PRINCE2, and COSO), GDC is totally equipped with certified consultants to guarantee ultimate service excellence.


Our carefully designed services are targeted toward best customer satisfaction, result oriented delivery, business objectives alignment, and advantages over competitive service providers and technology manufacturers. Adopting best in class industry standards as the baseline for our service operations, we adapted our own accumulated base of knowledge and practical practice methodologies as the framework of our technical and operational management in our journey of seek for excellence. A list of satisfied customers represent proven results of our service distinctive approach.


Escalation utility, Understanding the Customer Expectations
Escalation utility is the Reactive part of understanding customer expectations and meet customer satisfaction. It ensures that Customer Complaints regarding the services handling reaches ITS Management up-to Executive levels in some cases, meanwhile ensure that Customer Concerns and Issues are properly communicated to the concerned party in ITS on time and handled according to ITS MS framework till closure.

Service Review Meetings, an Integrated Proactive Approach
Service Review Meetings are the Proactive part of understanding customer expectation and meeting customer satisfaction. It ensure that ITS and the customers have an opportunity to assess service performance with respect to Technical, Process, Systems, and SLA, in addition to identifying opportunities for improvement.
Service Level Assurance, Ensured Exceptional Standards 
To achieve harmony and guarantee exceptional service quality and standards, ITS ensures synchronization, collaboration and efficient communication between service groups, and Vendors across all business lines at all times. It establishes OLA between all service groups and formulates centralized measurement and reporting system. Moreover, it follows up the SLA/OLA performance, and escalates to appropriate levels.

Tight Security Controls to Provide Maximum Protection
All Security policies and procedures are complying with international security standard (ISO 27001). ITS provide Security Management levels to provide maximum protection to the customers’ assets.

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