Islamic Banking systems software and solutions

Digital Banking Suite offers a better banking experience

ETHIX Financial Solution provides a dynamic and parametrized solutions for both retail and corporate sectors. ETHIX Financial Solution supports the bank to reach more Profitability, grow the Return on Equity and Return on Assets, reduce total cost of ownership and increase customer satisfaction and retention. All that through the fast-time-to-market via a rich system built over a dynamic workflow engine that supporting wide range of conventional financial operations and means of payments. Also, ETHIX Financial Solution provides a complete control on all system aspects, and a comprehensive monitoring and reporting tool considering the compliance with central banks' regulations.

Below are some highlights regarding ETHIX Financial Solution features:

  • Dynamic Chart of Accounts
  • Dynamic Setup of Accounts with ready-made templates (Loans, Deposit, etc.)
  • Dynamic financial operations flow based on workflow engine
  • Providing all types of payments; either cash, Cheques or transfers.
  • Extended customer reach through multiple channels (Digital banking, ATM, POS)
  • Dynamic Reporting Module
  • Central Bank Regulation and Reporting Compliance
  • Dynamic business rule and validation engine
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