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About ITS

ITS provides advanced technology solutions for financial institutions, government, and private sector organizations across a wide array of industry with demonstrated technology competencies and high-end skill capabilities that support critical business functions.

Headquartered in the State of Kuwait, ITS has R&D facilities in Kuwait, India and Cairo and a presence throughout the Middle East, Africa, the Americas, Caribbean and the Russian Commonwealth (CIS).

ITS Global Business Solutions Development Center (GBS) in Cairo delivers Managed Services globally, bringing expertise to all stages of the software development process, and providing the support companies need to transition from legacy systems to new technologies.



Launching the financial flagship product “ETHIX”

Signing the first large full banking solution deal after the transformation from a box mover to a solution provider and systems integrator for banking, telecom, and government.

ITS assists Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA) in developing the high-level information security system it needs. Largest upgrade since 1997.

Establishing of ITS by the Kuwait Finance House (KFH)

Rebranding the organization to “ITS Group”.

Rebranding the organization to “ITS Group”.

Reopening of the HQ office in Kuwait after the country’s liberation.

Opening of the first office outside of Kuwait in Bahrain.

Launching of the Telecommunication flagship product “TABS”

Opening of our Development Center in Cairo, Egypt.

First deployment of the XTM 24/7 bank branches in Kuwait.

Industrial Bank of Kuwait - IBK becomes the world’s first bank to implement ETHIX-NG.


International Turnkey System

For 41 years, we have provided customers with innovative solutions, supported them in their digital transformation & helped sustain their growth.


We provide advanced technology solutions for banks, government, and other private sector organizations across a wide array of industries; with demonstrated technology competencies and high-end skill capabilities that support client’s critical business functions.


We developed a dynamic mature model that brings technology services up to the next level of Operations with SLA commitments. Stang, training and retaining, capacity utilization and turn over challenges are behind your back – for good. Our commitment in managed services is up to functionality required by your business demands.

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What our clients are saying


Al Hilal Bank

"ETHIX solution will facilitate real-time calculation and distribution of profit and losses across all transactions"

Mr. Mohamed Berro; Al Hilal Bank CEO in United Arab Emirates.

Commercial Bank of Dubai

“Commercial Bank of Dubai Information Technology members and ITS team presented an outstanding commitment for the Bank’s Ethix Core Upgrade project which was successfully completed on time and without any post-rollout issues. The evident success was based on:

• Results: System upgrade completed within only 4 months.
• Accountability: Extreme ownership demonstrated by sixty CBD IT, ITS and CBD Business team members who worked non-stop during the final weekend.
• Change: New approach utilized multiple rehearsals and a very well defined project scope to deliver on time. As well, over 900 systematic tests with close business involvement ensured minimal re-work.
• Execution: “Leave nothing to luck” methodology depended on meticulous planning for flawless execution with no major glitches.

​Mr. Harris Mygdalis; Deputy CIO CBD

Kuwait International Bank

​"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your outstanding support and commitment throughout Ethix project life cycle and in the last weekend which has culminated in a smooth and successful Ethix Go-Life implementation in KIB head office and across all 26 branches simultaneously today, Alhamdulilah."

​Ms. Lamya AL Tabtebai, Deputy General Manager, Corporate Support Department, KIB Kuwait​.

Kuwait Finance House (KFH) Bahrain

"ETHIX solution is one-stop-shop integrated solution that satisfies all the bank's business needs and it provides KFH-Bahrain with the ability to achieve its operational goals, provide steamlined processes and will help meet our diverse needs to provide our customers with superior services."​​

Mr . Abdelhakeem Elkhayat CEO of Kuwait Finance House(KFH) in Bahrain.

Kuwait Finance House (KFH) Kuwait

“Well done team, very good effort despite the fact that there was some minor issues and I have been following up with team but happy that all went well so far. Thank you all for all your dedication and hard work, it certainly paid off.”​

Mr. Srood Sherif KFH's Group Chief Information Officer, Information Technology Division.

Zain Iraq

​“ITS’ expertise & experience in Oracle E-Business Suite is one of the reasons Zain chose ITS”. “ITS provided excellent implementation services and has helped us with internal change management. ITS Implementation team with strong domain business knowledge has helped Zain in adopting best practices. We are very satisfied with the quality of their work and are looking forward to working with them on future Oracle implementation projects.”

Mr. Kayed Alawneh, Director-Financial Control



Years in Business

Since 1981, International Turnkey Systems Group (ITS) has remained at the forefront of information technology

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