As the financial industry undergoes its next transformation, we at ITS have built the framework needed to enable any bank to come on board on to the new age of banking, allowing the banks to be able to deliver this experience in a seamless, transparent and a highly secure and encrypted environment. ETHIX-NG is a single source of multiple modular pre-configured products and workflows built on open industry standards and Straight Through Processing - STP technology.

The comprehensive solution offers a broad range of functionality, business agility, scalability and configurability. Moving towards a digital integrity, open banking and people. Its environment has never been easier. ETHIX-NG. The solution built now for the future.


ETHIX-NG, the New Way of Banking

Discover ETHIX NG, the new flagship banking solution that uses AI, Machine learning and Big Data to digitize business processes and elevate banks and Financial institutions to the Digital Age.

Islamic Finance Solution

ETHIX NG is a next generation solution that empowers financial institutions to succeed in the continuously evolving business landscape of the financial services industry. Its platform offers a wide range of Islamic Finance & Leasing capabilities that are fully complying with the principles of Shariaa.

ETHIX-NG Designed to manage End to end financing and leasing lifecycle starting from customer on-boarding, Application administration and management, automated credit scoring , credit decision management and lease/finance origination .

ETHIX-NG possesses a robust built-in dynamic product definition engine that enables your organization to offer a wide range of customized financing and leasing products to your customers. It also supports the efficient management of associated aftersale services, such as, payment collections, reshcedhulling and transfer of liability.

ETHIX NG provides a structured approach to data analysis and reporting, a seamless omnichannel customer experience in addition to enabling digital customer onboarding, all while ensuring compliance with changing regulations around data security; it facilitates collaboration with emerging FinTech solutions and enables continuous innovation.

Traditional Finance Solution

ETHIX NG offers finance and leasing companies the empowerment to deliver all the needed services to their clients. Our powerful engine delivers a dynamic financing/leasing options that allow your company to offer many small business owners to use their services. Not only do these lenders offer lines of credit and term loans, but they also offer merchant cash advances,
invoice financing, Asset Leasing, short term loans, working capital loans, and much more. In addition, commercial finance companies work much faster than banks.

Islamic & Traditional Digital Only Bank – DOB

The financial industry is evolving, and digital banks are adopting different business models that differentiate them from other traditional banks or specialized digital financial services providers.

The lower base cost and wider geographical reach make digital banks particularly optimal for delivering modern financial services to the underserved segments of the market.

ETHIX NG comprises a comprehensive client-centred array of products that can be deployed through Digital-Only-Banks (DOB) that allow your business to expand its customer base at a faster and more affordable rate.

With the ability of fast cost-efficient scaling through Digital-Only-Banks (DOB), financial institutions can enhance customer convenience and loyalty in addition to generating stronger analytics insights while ensuring data security and regulatory compliance.

The state-of-the-art platform brings to you the agility and efficiency you need for optimal organizational effectiveness and speed of decision-making.

In addition, ETHIX NG leverages Big Data AI to enforce an Automated Risk management system of both financial and data threats leveraging, that is smartly designed to minimize operational costs at every level.

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