ITS Launches Flagship Product ETHIX NG

As a leading IT solutions & services providers for Islamic and conventional institutions, ITS continues to expand its broad portfolio of world-class solutions & services that it provides to clients worldwide, across a wide range of sectors such as banking and investment, education, and government.

In the latest product launch event, ITS presented the next-generation complete banking and financing solution, the core flagship product, ETHIX NG. It is the successful culmination of tens of millions of dollars in R&D investment and brings a complete integration of the latest tools of digital innovation.

ETHIX NG hosts numerous built-in engines that power systematic workflows and ensure organizational and operational efficiency.  Particularly, the Finance Origination & Operation Engine supports all aspects of Islamic banking for Retail, Corporate, SME and microfinance lending, in addition to ensuring seamless and interactive after-sales operations.

ETHIX NG is engineered to provide seamless omnichannel customer experience, advanced data analytics and optimized & personalized services. The system’s client-centered modular architecture promises unprecedented agility & efficiency. Its advanced CRM system offers of a comprehensive detailed dashboard, a full overview of a customer financial position and complete analysis of customer’s assets & liabilities. Moreover, online customer on-boarding is now made possible at any time, and from any device, in a simple and interactive way via the associated Customer Management interface.

The platform’s ESB layer ensures compliance with the rapidly changing regulations on data security and sustains all necessary capabilities & protocols for enforcing authentication, authorization and encryption. This is crucial to allow the financial Institution to accommodate novel FinTech solutions and expand their services with minimum effort and maximum agility. In fact, the highly scalable, cloud-based multi-tenant platform offers all essential features required for building novel subscription-based services that meet the needs of various customer segments.

The ETHIX Digital solution not only enables an exceptional on the go customer experience but goes all the way to sustaining a digital branch, referred to as XTM or the “eXtreme Teller Machine”, a state-of-the-art micro branch that combines visual and interactive financial services with self-service technology to offer customers 24/7 secure access to full-branch financial services. This latest feature presents a novel cost-effective route for financial institutions to expand their operations and continue to grow their customer base.

With its state-of-the art features, the platform is streamlined, synergetic and future-proof. ETHIX NG brings a most timely solution for the complete workflow management of end-to-end financing operations, one that empowers financial institutions to adapt to the fast-changing industry and market, and systematically evolve to stay at the forefront of digital innovation.

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