ITS Gold Sponsor at Oman Islamic Economic Conference

ITS Confirmed its support as Gold Sponsor of Oman Islamic Economic Conference on the 17th and 18th December 2011 in the luxurious surroundings, which took a good place of Al Bustan Palace Ritz Carlton Hotel, Muscat Oman with great Success.

​Situated only a few kilometers from Muscat’s Business district and overlooking the Gulf of Oman, the venue provided the perfect setting for the hosting of the OIEF. The OIEF brought together a number of stakeholders – financial practitioners, academicians, business leaders and key decision makers- from within Oman and internationally to discuss critical issues in Islamic finance. It explored steps Oman needed to take to develop its Islamic finance capacity; and offered an agenda for the creation of a robust Islamic finance framework, which would contribute to the economic health of the Sultanate.

​ITS Group also, stated that Mr. Haitham Abdou, ITS Group Director of Marketing, contributed in the conference as a main speaker on the first session, in which he discussed the application of the technology for the Islamic financial Institutions through ETHIX financial solutions. ITS has also demonstrated successfully the company’s range of software solutions specifically catering to the ETHIX financial solutions.

ETHIX financial solutions are web services based solutions that offer services and functions of Islamic finance, Islamic investment, core banking, delivery channels, trade finance and other banking services, which in turn enhances the bank’s competitive edge.

ETHIX financial solutions allow financial organizations to reduce the operational cost, reduce the operational risk and meets growing strategy by gaining and retaining customers.

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