Aref A R AlAjmi

HR & Admin Director


Aref is an accomplished Chief Human Resources Officer with over three decades of experience leading HR initiatives, shaping progressive HR policies, and supporting high-growth organizations. He pioneered Human Capital management towards a Center of Excellence model, aligning people and organizations for sustained shareholder value.

A prominent thought leader in Organizational Development, Aref actively identifies opportunities for simplification, productivity enhancement, and operational efficiency, enhancing overall business effectiveness. He is recognized for his strategic prowess in talent management, encompassing recruitment, performance evaluation, employee growth, and succession planning.

As a passionate Employee Advocate, Aref is dedicated to career coaching, learning, and development, with a keen focus on training strategy and future planning. He also provides advanced support for Procurement, Security, Government Relations, and Travel Services.

Aref drives strategic HR decision-making to realize the organization’s vision, implementing transformative HR solutions and workforce optimization strategies. His proficiency in technology empowers him to leverage innovative solutions for workforce engagement and efficiency enhancement.

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