Banking on the perfect balance with the XTM

The humble ATM has come under the spotlight since the COVID-19 pandemic transformed the way we work, live and do our banking.  With the recent explosion of digital banking and the cashless economy further fast tracked by social distancing and lockdowns due to the coronavirus crisis, the ATM is now being seen as much more than just a cash dispenser. People now want to interact with their financial institution in different ways and one main point of contact is through the ATM which is starting to play a far more important role as a safe and advanced alternative to branches.

​Long before the pandemic, ITS had forecast the move from bricks and mortar branches to digital branches and the extreme teller machine, or XTM is an important milestone on this global journey towards a cashless economy.

The Coronavirus Crisis is a tipping point for banks and the ATM is a key piece of digital transformation. The extreme teller machine (XTM), which allows customers to conduct transactions normally done in a branch, is the perfect, safe solution between the physical and the digital world. The XTM is a safe, interactive and innovative “mini branch” where customers can make ATM and branch transactions such as withdrawing, cash, depositing cash and cheques, opening accounts, getting a printed statement, transferring funds, conducting Foreign Currency Exchange and much more. They can also connect to a a customer service agent via a live video call to get support.

The XTM not only reduces queues and transaction times, it can be set up in an existing branch or extend a bank’s reach and network as a separate branch, providing the bank with a host of operational and efficiency benefits including reducing branch loads and operational efficiency. The mobility of the XTM allows it to be shifted from one place to other, while the need for less staff allows for more efficient staff planning and lower transaction & buildup costs with an estimated76% decrease in transaction costs.

The micro branch, which is 10-20 square meters in size, features a HD Camera, video display, receipt and A4 printer, cheque acceptor, multi-touch display, RF Card reader, handset, barcode scanner, dropbox, card reader and card printer, e-signature pen and fingerprint reader, also print cheque books on the spot and can dispense up to 40 pieces of gold.   

The XTM is a safe an innovative banking product that provides the perfect solution for banks and customers in today’s banking environment, ideal for a range of customers including the elderly, disabled or those people who want the convenience of technology with the added support and comfort of the human touch.

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