Celebrate with us winning “The Best-Selling Islamic Banking Systems”

International Turnkey System (ITS), has received the well-deserved prestigious IBS Journal award “Number (1) Best-selling Islamic Banking System Badge”.ITS has continually marked itself as the market leading provider for Sharia-compliant Solutions, and ETHIX-Financial Package has been the best-selling Islamic Banking Solutions, even when the Islamic Banking systems deals were showing downward trend.

(ITS) ETHIX Financial Solutions package has been selected as the best-selling Islamic Banking System for 2015 (Jan-Dec 2014 new-win sales) by IBS Journal; a London based globally recognized independent publications for financial technology market. This universally acknowledged nomination emphasizes ITS leadership in the Sharia-compliant Solutions market among all other local and international key competitors.

“We have witnessed a successful year for ITS ETHIX applications, and now our customers across the globe recognize the power of ETHIX products as the best Sharia-compliant solutions. Not to mention that ETHIX diversified functions paved the way to convert from legacy systems to multi-channeled cutting edge solutions in order to cover present operational latency”, said Mr. Nasr Al-Bikawy CEO of ITS. He added: “Eventually, most of customers highly value the excellence of ETHIX solutions, after appraising other leading solution providers, because of the high level scalability it provides. Our product functions efficiently cover both current and future business road maps, and also save time, effort and manageability, which makes no need for customers to look for other providers.

“In a relatively depressed market for Sharia-compliant banking systems, ITS was indeed the only mainstream supplier in this sector, and was able to increase its new-name sales”, said Martin Whybrow the IBS Chief Editor.

ITS is widely known for its feature filled portfolio to offer most comprehensive Sharia compliant banking solutions to provide the Islamic financing deals, Investment and Treasury operations, along with other functions, that are tightly integrated with the Core-Banking system, and effectively add real market value. Such functions include but not limited to, Debt Collection, Profit Calculation and Distribution, Provision Management, and FATCA Module (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. that deals with the US foreign financial institutions law), for Islamic window financing, universal banks, greenfield banks, and investment and treasury organizations.

ITS always have the trust of its customers because even during the adverse political instability, it could successfully manage projects either remotely, or by investing in the relocated facilities and environment through its owned arrangements and resources.

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