Commercial Bank of Dubai Upgrades its Core

The Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD), in collaboration with ITS , successfully concluded the upgrade of Phoenix Core Banking to the latest version “Ethix Core Banking” in record time.

The upgrade on the system that was originally deployed in 2012 added a number of features that contribute to Expanding the banking capabilities during normal day operations and end of day operations. Those features included offering full fledge 24/7 banking operations across all branches and Head Office, in addition to Overall performance enhancement and new features supporting among others Digital Banking.
CBD was immensely pleased with the professional efforts of ITS team in realizing CBD objectives to continuously modernise the Core Banking system and services by providing a better, completely secured service experience to the huge base of CBD customers.More than 200 customers around the world have chosen ETHIX-Core and more than 60 clients in MENA region alone. All these successes were due to the outstanding design that helps banks grow and satisfy customer needs in the shortest possible time.  Providing a comprehensive array of functions, the component based ETHIX-Core is fully integrated and can effectively handle the strategic complexities and challenges faced by financial institutions across the world in a secure manner.
With ETHIX-Core, financial institutions can manage change, face competition and most of all, build strong customer relationships by offering total flexibility. In addition, by marketing innovative products and enhancing service, ETHIX-Core can reduce operating costs and is one of the most secure Banking System in the world.ETHIX-Core is suitable for both small and large banks, retail and corporate banking institutions, Investment Banking and Financial Institutions as well as Islamic banking across the world. By using Web-enabled technology and 24X7 operations, financial institution can adapt to change and achieve its business objectives.

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