First TIER 1 Bank goes live with ITS Financial Solution

ITS announced that Zenith Bank, one of the biggest bank in Nigeria has gone live on ETHIX financial solutions in less than a year. The rapid implementation has enabled Zenith Bank to launch core banking and trade wind systems in 300 branches.

ITS has recently implemented ETHIX, an innovative financial solution into Zenith, one of Nigeria’s largest and most profitable banks. The joint cooperation between ITS and Zenith ensured a timely completion of the Core conversion, and now all 317 branches of Zenith Bank are fully operational with the ETHIX solution. Through implementing ETHIX, Zenith Bank operates more efficiently, has reduced costs and can now offer customers a greater variety of products and a vastly improved service.

​By delivering a single view of both the business and the customer ETHIX will enable Zenith Bank to gain an increased understanding of its customers, effectively monitor and manage risk as well as lower the total cost of ownership. Providing functionality and flexibility, ETHIX will allow Zenith to develop a range of new products enabling the bank to reinforce its presence and enter new markets in the face of increased competition.

Commenting on the Zenith Bank project, Haitham Abdou, ITS Group Director of Marketing said; “It’s not only about delivering superior quality of implementation in a timely manner, but also achieving high customer satisfaction. He added; “By reducing costs and risk through a matrix of business components and easy-to-use applications, ETHIX delivers greater operational efficiency and will contribute immensely to the growth of Zenith Bank as well as improve customer retention and help reduce the total cost of ownership.”​

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