ITS Launches a First Aid Training Session for its Employees at Al-Salam International Hospital

ITS recently arranged a training session for First Aid, CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and AED (Automated External Defibrillator) at Al-Salam International Hospital for 14 employees, as a part of its initiative of “Wellbeing” for all its employees.

“ITS First Aid, CPR and AED training session held at Al-Salam International Hospital is an extension to ITS-HR “Wellbeing” Initiative which is considered the umbrella for all its programs and trainings related to overall health with topics including resilience, stress levels, burnout, emotional intelligence, exercise, diet, and happiness. ITS values its employees and is keen on their health and safety, therefore the First Aid training aims to spread awareness amongst employees to enable them to intervene in case of a sudden crisis”, said Elham Hussain, ITS-HR representative.

“The main objective of this program is to focus on our employees’ “wellbeing” with the concept of taking care of each other and supporting a family culture, whereas ITS-HR team is concerned with the development of employees and creating awareness. Fourteen employees are now certified by the American Heart Association as First Aid responders, and can administer CPR and use AED. We initiated this activity to promote our employees’ development in First Aid, CPR and AED, so that they can gain useful knowledge as well as spread this knowledge  to other employees and even take it a step further by addressing crisis situations outside of work “, said Safinaz Shariff, ITS-HR representative.

During this program hosted by Al-Salam International Hospital (a sister company to ITS; both are owned by KFH), guidelines and instruction books of First Aid, CPR and AED were delivered to employees, while tutorial videos of possible actual crises were shown, and the appropriate physical training of CPR was also conducted. At the end of the program, a final assessment was required from each employee to role-play as a first aid responder by administering CPR, AED, on a practice dummy. Finally, each participant was certified immediately after the training in addition to receiving a certified First Responder card by the American Heart Association.

ITS believes each human resource is at the core of business development and organizational growth.  Therefore, in addition to providing technical and leadership trainings for ITS employees, health trainings are also accentuated as ITS-HR profoundly invests in “all-round” employee development. 

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