ITS Organizes 4th Watani Training Program for University Students in Kuwait

ITS Organizes “Watani” Training Program for University Students in Kuwait for Hiring and Enhancing their Skills and Capabilities for the Fourth Consecutive Year.

In the context of its support of the capabilities and skills of the Kuwaiti youth entering the labor market, International Turnkey System (ITS) the leading integrated information technology solutions and software services provider – a subsidiary of Kuwait Finance House- launched its fourth “Watani” training program, which lasted for almost 4 weeks, with participants from universities and higher education institutes in the State of Kuwait from various specializations needed in the Kuwaiti labor market.

“Training in the pre-entry into the labor market stage is considered the best way to sharpen up skills and increase practical expertise for ambitious Kuwaiti youth, which is consistent with our strategy and ongoing efforts to qualify many of them and train them in order to employ the largest number of promising Kuwaiti youth among our ranks and join us”, said Mr. Nasr Albikawi CEO of ITS.

Albikawi added that the “responsibility lies with the private sector to offer those youth an opportunity to get familiar with work environment, that commensurate with their abilities and aspirations, and accomplish more practical success in the beginning of their careers with ITS or any other organization”.

Moreover, “qualifying and employing these students come in the context of ITS Group eagerness to perform its role in the development of Kuwaiti human resources out of its social responsibility and the principles it adopts as one of the companies operating in the Kuwaiti society”, Albikawi said.

In addition, Albikawi said that “this program organized by ITS under the name “Watani” represents a link in the role the company plays to assist the Kuwaiti youth to enter the labor market armed with expertise and self-capabilities that he can acquire during the university education period, as an assisting factor in his first work experience”.

GGC Expansion

It is noteworthy to mention that this is the fourth training program held by ITS, as training program were organized in the previous years. This year also the program was expanded geographically to include the GCC as part of the Group’s plan to disseminate the benefits to young people between the Gulf youth.

The training program included training in the main and the most important departments of the group such as Projects Department, Regional Services Department, Marketing Department, HR Department, IT Department, and other departments, where trainees shall receive all types of theoretical and practical training through intensive activities involving a number of the group’s distinguished employees.

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