ITS receives The Most Outstanding IT Company for Islamic Finance

KLIFF Recognizes ITS Significant Efforts in Shaping the Dynamic Scene of Islamic Finance & Investment Banking.

As one of the global leaders, a key technology enabler and a business partner for many prestigious financial institutions worldwide, ITS participated in the 9th Kuala Lumpur Islamic Finance Forum 2012. The importance of KLIFF 9th forum for ITS stems from the fact that; in this year’s forum, ITS receives The Most Outstanding IT Company for Islamic Finance.

​KLIFF Panel of Judges chose to honor ITS due to its role as a focused and experienced technology partner for financial institutions and because of supporting banks in offering their customers ethical products and services that fulfils their needs and aspirations through ITS comprehensive Shariaa-compliant ETHIX solution.

“We are thrilled to be acknowledged for our role as a technology enabler for Islamic financial institutions. This only proves that ITS Islamic finance offering encompasses a wide range of innovative business and technological solutions, and features that represent an answer to the key challenges and specific needs of different Islamic finance institutions worldwide. The award depicts the commitment and dedication of our organization; management and employees, to ensure our continued leadership in the global Islamic finance arena” said Khaled Faraj Al-Saeid, ITS managing director and general manager.

​ITS has been present in the Asian Islamic finance scene for a long time and has continuously contributed with its extensive experience in this field to drive the industry forward and has shared in shaping the regulatory and legal framework of Islamic Finance. ITS has also invested heavily in its presence in the Asian market and has an extensive network of direct sales, partners and resellers with the aim of supporting its customers in the region and providing focused and professional services specifically tailored for the unique needs of the Muslim population in this region.

With 30 years of experience in Islamic finance, ITS Group was a major contributor to the discussions held during the forum about the global challenges facing Islamic finance, the role of innovation in synthesizing new products to meet the needs of the modern Muslim community, industry new trends, emerging markets that pose opportunity for Islamic Finance, the framework of governance and legislations, the challenges of microfinance and retail banking, and the promising horizon of the investment banking in general and liquidity management in particular.

ITS provided also a brief overview on ETHIX multi-channeled corporate and retail products and services in the areas of Islamic finance and investment including core banking, trade finance, branch automation, online banking, dashboards and reports in addition to other products and services that represent an answer to the challenges encountered by the financial institutions anywhere in the world and can only serve to enhance their competitive edge.

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