Our 5th consecutive win as the “Best Islamic Finance Technology Provider 2021”

Our CEO’s message marking our 5th Consecutive win

Al Salam Alikom wa rahmat ALLAH wa barakato, on behalf of International Turnkey Systems, I would like to thank The Global Islamic Finance Awards for recognizing ITS as the “Best Islamic Finance Technology Provider 2021”.

This is the most prestigious award in Islamic banking and finance and GIFA provides an important platform for the global advocacy of the industry as we work together to leverage Islamic fintech for financial inclusion and sustainable progress in our communities and economies.

This year marks the 5th consecutive year that ITS has been recognized for its contribution towards the development of Islamic banking and with the launch of our flagship product a new digital core, banking platform, ETHIX-NG, we look forward to supporting the industry’s further digital transformation, elevating the Islamic banking and finance industry to thrive in the Global Digital Economy.

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