Training the Kuwaiti Youth, Watani Program 2016

In continuation of its support for university students in Kuwait, ITS organizes the “Watani” Training program for the fifth successive year to support and employ students’ skills and capabilities. 

El-‘Enzy: We held three courses this year for our students as we are keen to train the largest number of students in order to be able to join the labor market. This is done within the frame of ITS social responsibility towards employing and developing the Kuwaiti human resources.
The International Turnkey Systems Group (ITS); the leading provider of cutting-edge integrated information technology solutions and one the Kuwait-Finance-House affiliates, has organized Watani training program for the fifth year, which took almost four weeks. A number of university and higher-education students from different majors have participated in this program. This is done within the frame of ITS’s supporting the skills and capabilities of Kuwaiti youth who are to join the labor market soon.

​Dr. Saleh Al-‘Enzy; ITS HR executive manager, stated that training the students to make them able to join the labor market has become a pressing need. This is considered the best way for developing skills and increasing the practical experiences of Kuwaiti ambitious youth, and an integral part of the Company’s sustained strategy aiming at training students to be able to join the labor market, and employ the largest number of promising Kuwaiti youths to join our Company’s staff.

He said, “The private sector is considered the responsible body for providing those young people with the chance to know the working environments which match their capabilities and ambitions, in order to realize more success in the beginning of their working life.”

Al-‘Enzy added that “ITS; a pioneering Kuwaiti Company working in the Kuwaiti society, exerts a great effort in qualifying and employing the largest number of university graduates, through its vision for preparing and developing a generation that is capable of embarking on the labor market instantly”.

He, also stated that Watani program; which is organized by ITS, is regarded as a one of the roles played by the Company, in an attempt to make Kuwaiti youth capable of starting their career, armed with their experiences and capabilities, acquired while receiving their higher education, to help them in their first working experience.”

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