The Rise of the Digital Worker!

Robotic Process Automation (RPA), a digital enablement technology that builds, deploys and manages ‘software robots that emulate human actions when they interact with applications, is one of the most disruptive components in the era of Digital Transformation. These “bots” are being adopted by organizations across a wide array of sectors to reduce repetitive tasks, streamline operations and enhance the customer experience and are completely disrupting the Banking, Insurance, Telecom, Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Government sectors where bots are being used to perform tasks such as bank statement reconciliations, new employee onboarding, payroll automation, loan processing, and patient appointment scheduling and much more. The rate of RPA adoption is so fast that Forrester forecasts that the sector will reach $2.9 billion by 2021. 

​The WorkForce of the Future

RPA does not mean that humans will soon be an unnecessary part of the value chain. The ideal workforce of the future may be a blend of RPA’s “digital workers and human employees, each working seamlessly together to compliment the other and where human workers are relieved of repetitive and mundane tasks to be free to focus their energies on being creative and driving innovation. AsRPA robots or digital workers automate repetitive, huge-volume transactions, enterprises will become more productive and efficient and employees will become empowered to focus on work that truly matters. 

What RPA Operation Mode is Best?

RPA bots can work in both “attended” and “unattended” modes and organizations can deploy either of the two solutions based on their needs. An integrated platform that combines the two modes, when attended and unattended bots work together, is considered ideal..
“Attended RPA bots” are like virtual assistants, helping employees with their front-office tasks. Employees can trigger these types of bots and interact with them whenever they need. On the other hand, “Unattended RPA bots” run automation that works on its own and where bots are enabled to execute entire processes to independently help in back-office processes.

Embark on Your RPA Journey with ITS Today!

If your company is looking to increase productivity and  improve compliance, reduce average call handle time, reduce operating costs and eliminate errors and free employees from repetitive work, we invite you to start your RPA Journey with us! ITS has strong partnerships with major RPA technology vendors across the globe, in addition to certified RPA Implementation Consultants who can support your RPA journey. We will work with you on your RPA Journey to:• Discover & Build: Discover and Build automation opportunities • Deploy & Manage: Deploy, manage, deploy, and optimize automations • Engage & Measure: Engage people & robots as one team &  Measure performance 

The future is RPA, and the future is now!

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