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The Rise of the Digital Worker!

Jun 1, 2021
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Robotic Process Automation (RPA), a digital enablement technology that builds, deploys and manages ‘software robots that emulate human actions when they interact with applications, is one of the most disruptive components in the era of Digital Transformation. These “bots” are being adopted by organizations across a wide array of sectors […]

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Next Generation Digital Onboarding with ETHIX NG

May 5, 2021
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​COVID-19 has seen the banking and financial services industry witness unprecedented challenges and transformation as banks and financial institutions implement rapid adaptation measures and place a stronger focus on digital presence as more customers go online to conduct their banking and financial services during the pandemic. The pandemic has accelerated […]

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The Banking Apps you need!

Mar 18, 2021
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Smarter Banking Applications Your online bank account should suit today’s connected lifestyle, and that means a strong mobile app with a wide range of features for on the go banking. In addition to basic features such as viewing account balance and conducting online bill payments, your mobile banking app should […]

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